Frequently asked questions

This one is tough, because every single website we complete is different and done to the customer’s particular needs and specifications. Please, click on SERVICES in the main menu to figure out which plan is best for you.

It will take (roughly) 7 days for small websites (1-25 pages), 15 days for corporate websites (1-50 pages), and 31 days for e-commerce websites (75+ pages).

If you pay the (OPTIONAL) MAINTENANCE COSTS, then yes; absolutely! I will be here to support you all year around! Paying for web MAINTENANCE, allows you to change the content, or whatever else you’d like to change, whenever you want! Simply email or call me, whenever you feel there’s something that needs to be changed, added, or removed (and I will make the change, within 48 business hours)!

Yes! We only make responsive websites that will work on all devices.

In the times we’re living in, the answer is short… Yes.

In the future, yes; but at the moment, no. I am not in need of any employees at the moment. Please, come back at a later date, to check if any positions have opened up. When a position does open up, I will let you know, here.

Got a question for me? Contact me by email, or call me. I’ll be more than happy to answer any further questions!